Bamburgh Castle Star Trail (Timelapse Video)

I went to Bamburgh Castle with my friend Mark to get some good photos of the stars.  The conditions were great, no moon, no city light pollution and -3 degrees C.  While I was there I decided to create a short (very) time lapse of the castle, sea and stars.  I let my 40D do all the work while we sat in the car trying to stay warm.

Camera Settings

ISO: 1250
Aperture: f4.0
Shutter: 30 seconds
Format: RAW + JPG

Although I had my computer for remote shooting it was far easy to just use my cable release. To do this in three easy steps:

1. Simply put the camera into continuous shooting mode as well as setting it up for the right exposure.

2. Take a shot and lock the button on the cable release so the button remains down.

3. Once that shot is taken, because the cable release button is still pressed (as the button is locked down) and the camera is in continuous shooting, then another shot is taken, and so on until you stop it.

Below is my result after about 25 minutes of exposures.  Hopefully I can get back there when I have more time to be able to make a video that lasts a little longer than 2 seconds :-)

The Big Red Thing a.k.a Groyne Lighthouse

Had a pop to South Shields to photo Groyne Lighthouse.  Did you know that it was built in 1882?  It was the original lighthouse before the North and South Piers were built at the mouth of the Tyne.  Today it still acts as a navigational aid in it’s original location on Herd Groyne Pier, as you can see from the photo.  It was a little misty which I think gives a bit of atmosphere to the pic.

You can see more Coastal photography in my Coastal Gallery.

Groyne Lighthouse at Night

Partial Solar Eclipse or No Solar Eclipse?

Even though I was not well enough to venture out it sounds as though I did not miss anything. Watching BBC news it seems that no one managed to see the solar eclipse in my neck of the woods due to too much cloud coverage.  That’s a pity, however there’s always March 2015 to get another chance to view.

Did anyone in the North East of England see it?

Here’s a picture of some clouds from my archive… it’s probably better than the clouds people saw today.