M42 – Only 18 mins with the QHY8L

Finally got round to processing some data from earlier in the year.  This was of M42, 60 second subs calibrated with Bias, Flat and Dark calibration frames.  Total integration time 18 mins (18x60s).  Resultant image is very noisy, it needs a few hours worth of subs.  Looking forward to next year when I should be able to capture a few more subs to add to this.

Image Details

Subs: 18x60s @ f7.65 Processing: Calibrated and stacked in PixInsight, post processing in PixInsight and CS5. Kit: SW 100 ED DS Pro on HEQ5 Guided.  Imaged with QHY8L OSC cooled to -20M42 - 18 Subs at 60s by Ian Aiken
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