I've got approx 6 hours of Ha and RGB data on the Horsehead and Flame Nebula.  I need more, I aim for around 20 hours.  In the meantime, I amREAD MORE

I had a go at some Lunar using my IMG 132E camera.  I spent around 4 hours in the cold getting to grips with the software and settings and practisingREAD MORE

My current project is to get around 10 hours worth of data for target IC 1396 (Elephants Trunk) using 7nm Ha filter on my Atik 314L+.  Currently I am upREAD MORE

Just spent a nice two weeks in France, first to Normandy for 3 days to attempt to visit some museums (hard with a 2yr old) then to a child friendlyREAD MORE

It's amazing what you can photograph with a compact digital camera.  I recently acquired a Canon A3350 from the eBay Canon outlet, it's refurbished and was a decent price soREAD MORE

01:30 - On a night with heavy Aurora activity the Moon occults Jupiter.  In typical English fashion we were graced with the usual weather so saw neither. Surprised?  Not really. READ MORE

Off to Jodrell Bank tomorrow.  Going to take my Canon A3350 camera hoping to get a good tour, lecture and some nice pics.READ MORE

Invested in some spacers and I think I have managed to get rid of most of my elongated stars issue with the QHY8L.  I was also graced with some clearREAD MORE