Tuesday, January 19, 2021

27th Feb 2014 was a very exciting day.  Ive seen the Aurora Borealis once before from Marsden and it was pretty amazing.  On this day however, I was speechless.

Sitting quite happily in the house browsing the internet and wasting time on Facebook as usual I happened to stumble upon a post by a Newcastle Astro Society member who posted a quick photo of the back of their dSLR camera showing the Aurora.  Crikey it was strong!

I proceeded to get ready and shot off down the beach where I knew I could get away from the Light Pollution of the city.

Half way along Roker Pier I set up.  The Aurora was really strong and you could see the reds with your eye.  The green bands were lighting up the sky.  Ive never seen the Aurora so strong before and I certainly didnt realise you could see it so bright and intense with just the eyes.

Snapping away with the 40D I managed to capture it quite easily.  Unfortunately my focus is a little off due to the camera missing a filter (due to being a cheap skate and not fitting a replacement filter when my camera was modified for Astro use).  In hindsight I may have been better off using my point and shoot on a tripod.

Anyway here is the shot I hope you enjoy it.  Till the next time.

Aurora from Roker Pier
Aurora from Roker Pier in Sunderland
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