Sunday, October 25, 2020

Saturn 2014This is my first go at imaging Saturn.  Saturn was 837 million miles away at the time so understandably doing this from a ground based telescope is reasonably difficult.

I had limited the exposures to 2 mins per channel.  Given how dim Saturn is this meant a longer exposure to what I am used to compared to Jupiter / Mars and the number of frames was pretty low.  Saturn was also just clearing a neighbours house and was pretty low down in the sky at the time.

Nevertheless I am pleased with the image.

Captured: 23:55 on 14th April 2014
Scope: Celestron C8 EDGE HD
Camera: ZWO ASI120MM
Filters: Astronomik 742nm IR-Pass and ZWO LRGB
Mount: NEQ6 at Elderberry Observatory
Software: Firecapture, AS!2, Pixinsight, Registax 6, Photoshop CS6

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