Sunday, October 25, 2020

My current project is to get around 10 hours worth of data for target IC 1396 (Elephants Trunk) using 7nm Ha filter on my Atik 314L+.  Currently I am up to a little over 3 hours with 10 x 20 min subs using a Sky-Watcher 80ED DS-Pro on an NEQ6 Mount.

I am using Sequence Generator Pro for capturing which is an awesome piece of software by Main Sequence Software as it allows me to plate solve and centre my scope each night the weather is favourable so I can continue capturing the data I need.  With UK weather at the moment this the ability to centre with ease is essential for multiple night imaging of one target highly recommended!

So anyway more data is needed to finish it.  In the meantime I did a comparison of my first night data compared to my first and second night combined.  This is a comparison of 3 subs against 10 subs (subs @ 20 mins).  You can really see the noise reduction in the 10 sub image and some of the finer detail being resolved.

Ill post the final image once its completed.  I may even image some RGB using a OSC and combine to create a HaRGB composite.

IC1396 - The effects of stacking on astro images

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