Friday, January 15, 2021

I invested in some spacers and I think I have managed to get rid of most of my elongated stars issue with the QHY8L.  I was also graced with some clear skies for a few hours so I put the Atik 314L+ to work on the 80 ED and the QHY8L on the 100 ED to try my first ever HaRGB, which is a combination of Ha data with RGB.  So the Atik 314L+ was shooting mono through my 7NM Ha filter and the QHY8L to handle the RGB in one go (its a one shot colour a.k.a. OSC).

I’ve got to say I am quite pleased with the result considering how much data I used in the final process.

Image Details

Subs: 5 x 600s from QHY8L on 100ED & 5 x 600s from Atik 314L+ on 80ED
Calibrated and stacked in PixInsight, post processing in PixInsight and CS5.
SW 100 ED DS Pro and 80 ED DS Pro on HEQ5 Guided with QHY5 Finder Guider.  Imaged with QHY8L OSC cooled to -15 and Atik 314L+ mono with Ha 7NM filter cooled to -10

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